Queer Romance Month

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Well, what is it – Queer Romance Month is a month long celebration of romance across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Every day in October, we publish three to four posts from a variety of readers, writers, bloggers and other brilliant people. Our contributors come from all corners of Romancelandia, united by our belief that love is love, romance is romance, and sexuality is not a sub-genre.

On the website, we’ll be showcasing essays, think pieces, flash fiction, and other good things inspired by this year’s theme: We All Need Stories.

You’ll also find us around the blogosphere all month long, bringing you exclusive interviews, audio clips and video readings from our wonderful contributors.

Karen : Last years QRM was an eye opener for me, I read and was touched by so many posts, found new authors and friends. Everyone does deserve stories, finding in a book, that person, situation or emotion that mirrors you and yours is beautiful and affirming. To not have that experience, I can’t imagine how that would be. So enjoy the posts, join the debate – read the books.

Fra: In May this year 1.2 million Irish citizens voted for Marriage Equality de facto ending discrimination against the LGBTQ community in Ireland by popular vote. In the run up to the vote, in the days and evenings spent canvassing around Dublin the stories that most stuck with me were the stories of the older men and women who for so many years had to stay hidden, men and women who were literally outlawed for whom they loved and that found no representation in books or magazines, who had had no reference points throughout their lives.

The posts, the sharing of stories and experiences, the support from so many corners of the internet that diversity and the LGBTQ community are finally gathering are unprecedented and a thing of beauty. That these stories are being written and shared and supported all over the globe shines a light for all those people old and young who have had or still have no support, for all of the men and women who are in the closet because of fear and bigotry, for all of the young girls and boys who up until very recently couldn’t find themselves in books.

QRM is a powerful event which we are proud to support.

Miki: Es la primera vez que me uno activamente a esta convocatoria en particular, sobre la que mucho conocimiento no tenía. Mi país, Argentina, ha militado, debatido, luchado y trabajado activamente para la integración de toda la comunidad LGBTQ, lo cual se tradujo no sólo en la sanción de la Ley de Matrimonio Igualitario en 2010, sino en la también aprobación de la Ley de Identidad de Género en 2012, ambas pioneras y ejemplo. De hecho para cuando Argentina decretó que todas las personas eran iguales ante la Ley, tanto para casarse como para adoptar niños, sólo 10 países en el mundo lo habían hecho antes. A pesar de los prejuicios que puedan tenerse, Latinoamérica ha dado el ejemplo en cuanto al respeto a la diversidad sexual, de manera real y tangible. Y el apoyo activo del Estado es la frutilla del postre. Así que, desde ya que me uno a esta causa, que es una más de todas las que existen (o deberían existir) para que niños/as, adolescentes y adultos del mundo puedan ser libres y soberanos en sus elecciones, respetados, y que aquellos que no hemos sufrido violencia, miedo, discriminación, o aislamiento por nuestras decisiones nos hagamos cargo de crear mejores condiciones para todos y todas.

How to get involved

You can visit daily at www.queerromancemonth.com. Subscribe by email or add our RSS to your feed-reader of choice. Err, assuming people still do that. You can also follow us on Twitter at @QueerRomance, which will alert you when new posts go up.

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