My Make Do and Mend Summer

In thmake do and mende middle of May I bought my 20th paperback in 2 months, and added it to the collection on my windowsill at work. At the same time I found a package under my desk containing a pair of sandals, some CD’s and 4 bottles of nail varnish. I got home and counted up the majority of my unread bought books and discovered that I had 78. In my wardrobe I had clothes I have never worn, some still labelled.

A week or so later, as I was about to ‘one click’ on a new book I thought – what am I doing ?  Most of my adult life I have railed against consumerism, I take my eye off the ball, and here I am inching closer to a lifestyle I really don’t want.  I’m  also starting to practice Buddhism, and all this collecting of things makes me feel uneasy spiritually, not to mention the money I have spent !

Without exception all the books I have bought, and sadly only most of the other things, I actually wanted. So why I am buying more books and clothes (we won’t mention the nail varnish, which I almost never wear) Am I so conditioned to want the latest shiny new things ?  I know that they are not the route to happiness, and still I carry on. So I decided to take a break from it all.

This Summer I’m not buying any new: books, clothes and clothes related items and stationary (we won’t go down the washi tape road) . Also any physical books I read I’m going to give away at the end of August, I need to amend my list to show what books are in paper but the list is here, so let me know if there is a book you’d like.

I am seriously hoping that the mend part doesn’t really happen, as I haven’t sewn anything since I was at school in 1986 , so anyone with stitching skills (Fra) may be called upon.

My current read is Oryx and Crake, and then going to read Light, both if these are in print format.

i would really like to hear from anyone who is interested in make do and mend as well.



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