Make do and mend- June update


darningWhen I started MDaM, it was partially to save money, partially to curb my consumerism, and also it was going to be fun, or so I imagined. I certainly had enough books to keep me going, and more clothes than I can wear. A couple of other people joined in, and I was having a good time, while feeling vaguely superior, a win win.

Then on 23rd June we had referendum regarding staying as part of the EU, and despite all the polls and the views of almost everyone I knew, we voted to leave. While it wasn’t an overwhelming majority, it was a majority, and within a week the UK seemed to facing momentous changes. The PM resigned, the architects of the leave campaign back pedaled on most of the claims that they made during the lead up to the referendum, and the Labour party – the only serious opposition party is in disarray.There does not seem to be any cohesive plan from any side, and the overwhelming feeling that comes across from everyone I have spoken to is that once again our politicians have let us down. While I don’t know what will happen, I do know that if the last few weeks have taught us anything we need to be more politically aware, and hold our politicians accountable for the claims they make. And push for some real change to the political landscape in Britain. I would also say that I think of myself as a tolerant person, but racial hatred and race crimes are offensive and devalue us all. Don’t stand by.

Anyway this somewhat curtailed my reading activities, and as one of the last books I read was the very dystopian Orxy and Crake, made me wonder if MDaM may possibly have to be more that a 3 month experiment, and become a way of life.I also read the very wonderful Scarlet and the White Wolf series, which did manage to distract me from time to time, and we will be reviewing the series later here on the blog. I didn’t buy any books, or clothes – but I did see a coat, vastly reduced, that I persuaded Mr W to buy for me.

I’m planning to update next month as well, who knows what may have happened by then.





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