What happens when an Argentinian, an Italian and a Brit meet over the shared love of books, and other things ? Well this really.

The name for the blog came about from one of those ‘change a gender change a film’ games that you play, and the name seemed to wonderful not to use. Although I would say that my fellow bloggers aren’t bitches, and are actually glorious, and kudos goes to Kat for realising that the world needs this.


So this is me, Karen I’m the Brit. I love to read, surprisingly, and I also write poetry. I live in and work in London and like to take advantage of the creative opportunities that London has to offer

I am a very keen cook, so expect some pictures of my offerings as well as musical interludes.

You can also find me on twitter @inglorious_c

3367130Hi! I´m Miki, the Argentinian part of the trio. Journalist, Political Scientist, anarchist, anti imperialist and a defender of the autonomy of Latin America. I write about many things, but i specialize in history and politics. Avid reader too, of course. Sorry in advance for my English, I will probably write some things in Spanish because, hey, is a beautiful language.

I´m on Twitter too: @bucletina

thesumofallparts3And here I am!

Hi I am Fra – I am the Italian in this glorious cluster – well, Roman, really, and I have lived in Ireland for so long now. Yeah, I confuse myself also.

Linguist, lover of literature and history, traveler, very avid reader, I dabble in the textile and mixed media arts which I might even write about at times. When I am  not at home with a book in my hands or at my desk making stuff, I am either jumping on a plane to go elsewhere or you’ll find me at the nearest music festival. I have a secret job I cannot tell you about but I am grateful for because it buys all the books and the airplane tickets and the music gigs. When (and if) I grow up I want to be a bookshop owner or a fire starter. It’s all up in the air yet, really!

Shockingly I am on Twitter too @giuliabo

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